Customer Gallery

We would like to thank all of our previous customers who have kindly contributed these photographs to our gallery.

The Classic Style luggage rack fitted to a Mercedes SLK

The Quadro luggage rack fitted to to a Standard Triumph TR3.

The Classic luggage rack fitted to a Standard Triumph TR3.

The widest Sports 900 luggage rack is ideal for cars with larger boot lids such as the Alfa Romeo Spider series (70 to 93), the Peugeot 206cc convertible and some Mercedes Sports models.

With most vehicles there is the option to reverse mount the luggage rack, that is with the upstand (tallest part) mounted either towards the passenger compartment or towards the rear of the car.

The Classic Style luggage rack fitted to a Jaguar XK E type.

The Sports Slimline luggage rack shown fitted to a Fiat 2000 Spider. This luggage rack also fits earlier Fiat 124 Spiders.

The Classic luggage rack fitted to an Alfa Romeo Spider.

The Sports Slimline fitted to a black Mazda MX5 NB. 
This model is ideal for MX5s (Miatas) that are fitted with an aftermarket  boot lip spoiler.

The Classic Semi luggage rack can be supplied with wide heavy duty fittings for boot lids up to 140 cm (55") wide. Shown here fitted to a Jaguar saloon with the optional rear central clip and optional heavy duty black polyester coated side clips.