Generic Products

Some of our most popular styles of luggage racks are shown below allowing you to choose your preferences between the various styles available.

Your next choice is whether you would like a permanent (bolt on) model, or a semi permanent (removable clamp on) luggage rack. Alternatively if you drive a popular car, go straight to the options available for your vehicle under the Classics or the Modern menus at the top of every page.

The Classic

The Classic is our most popular range of luggage racks, and they are suitable for both classic and contemporary vehicles . The full depth racks are available in 675 mm, 750 mm, 800 mm, 825 mm, 900 mm and 1000 mm platform widths for most classic cars. In addition there are 675 mm, 725 mm, 750 mm and 825 mm wide slimline models, bringing the classic look to modern convertibles with shallower boot lids or possibly boot spoilers.

Semi permanent (fully removable) versions are also available for most vehicles.

The Sports

The Sports racks are popular with owners of modern convertibles such as the BMW Z3, Smart Roadster and the Honda S2000. Sports style luggage racks are available in sizes between 825 mm and 900 mm.

Both permanent and semi permanent (fully removable) versions are available.

The Traditional

The Traditional is built for the MGA, MGB, MGC and MGR V8, Jaguar XJS, Triumph Stag, Jensen Healey and a few other classics such as the Volvo PV444 and PV544.

The rack is only available as a permanent fitting and is supplied with either a 675 mm, 750 mm or 825 mm wide load platform.

The Quadro

The Quadro is in a period American influenced, permanent design and is available in either 600 mm, 725 mm or 750 mm full depths, plus a 750 mm slimline depth. Lowline "Californian" models for the Triumph TR6 are available to special order.

The rack's mounting pattern is compatible with the original AMCO style rack.

Monte Carlo

The Monte Carlo luggage rack brings the Classic appearance to many modern sports cars, and also those that have particularly contoured boot lids. The Monte Carlo is one of our premium ranges with full mirror polishing and the rack is available in 750 mm and 850 mm widths.

The Classic Hex

The Classic Hex is available only as a semi permanent (fully removable) luggage rack, and is mainly intended for the new VW Beetle A4 convertible and the Fiat Barchetta.

The Folding

The Folding luggage rack is a period folding design for the MG TD and TF Midget series cars.

Bespoke side supporting arms are available for non standard T series cars. Due to the rarity of the T series MGs, these luggage racks are not always stocked and may be built to order.

In order for us to supply the correct side supports, please advise the size of spare wheel fitted to your car.

The Quick Release

The Quick Release is a partially removable luggage rack that is designed to straddle the spare wheel of period and kit cars that have a boot mounted spare wheel.

In order for us to supply the correct fittings, please advise the size of spare wheel fitted to your car.

The Vogue

The Vogue is popular with BMW Z3 and Z4 owners as a substitute for the original luggage rack. In addition, it is also suitable for many other cars including the MGF and MGTF. It is available as both a permanent and semi permanent fitting.

The Sports Taper

The Sports Taper is a stylish semi permanent (removable) luggage rack for the Porsche Boxster, Jaguar F Type, and the earlier Fiat Barchetta.

The Amalfi

The Amalfi semi permanent (removable) luggage racks are available in two different widths to suit many unusual applications.

The Contemporary

The Contemporary is a reversible, open upstand permanent luggage rack, particularly suitable for the Porsche Boxster and the later Fiat Barchetta with a central brake lamp.

The rack is suitable for reverse mounting, with the upstand towards the passenger compartment.

These luggage racks are reproductions of older obsolete designs, often made exclusively for a particular vehicle.

Pontiac Solstice Saturn Sky Opel GT Luggage Rack

The Tri-Sports luggage rack is mainly built for the Opel GT, Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky.

Car Boot Luggage Rack

The Unicarrier 125

The Unicarrier is a practical and very economically priced boot rack suitable for many cars that have boot lids both with parallel sides, and are of up to 1250 mm width.

Built in the UK to high standards for strength, function and practicality.