Our luggage racks are guaranteed against manufacturing and production defects for a period of 12 months from the original date of purchase.

The luggage rack must be correctly fitted to the vehicle for which it is designed, and must not be modified in any way.

This warranty is non transferable to a third party.

The scope of this warranty includes inside to outside perforation caused by corrosion originating from the inside surface of the product.

The warranty excludes corrosion originating from the outside surface of the product caused by abrasion, scratching, chipping or exposure to corrosive substances or agents such as road salt. Regular care and maintenance will enhance the appearance of the product and will also considerably extend its lifespan.

We advise the luggage rack should be periodically cleaned using a suitable solvent to remove road film, and also receive a regular polishing using a silicon based wax.

It is the owner's responsibility to follow the instructions and to correctly install the luggage rack. As we have no direct control over this, we are not liable for any damage, theft, losses or personal injury incurred as a result of incorrect installation.

The owner must ensure the luggage rack is correctly loaded with even weight distribution, not overloaded and correctly balanced. The load must be adequately secured at all times.

Our products are designed for domestic use only, including the carrying of suitcases and small luggage. They are not designed for the transportation of business materials or equipment, and such use may be considered hazardous and will also invalidate the warranty.

The owner is advised to check the maximum permitted boot lid load in the vehicle handbook.

Do not exceed this weight as the boot lid may be damaged.

The owner must not modify or alter the luggage rack in any way that might compromise safety.

The luggage rack must be discarded if it has been subjected to any form of accident damage.

Our maximum liability under this warranty is the cost of a replacement luggage rack plus the associated shipping charge. The owner is responsible for the safe return of the product to our warehouse, and we advise the use of a trackable and insured shipping service.

If you believe there to be a manufacturing defect, then please email info@classicbootracks.co.uk for further instructions