The Quick Release Luggage Rack

The Quick Release boot luggage rack is suitable for some Morgans, NGs, Marlin Roadsters, JBA Falcon, J C Midge, Panther Lima/Kallista and other vehicles where a partially removable luggage carrier is required to straddle a boot mounted spare wheel.

The Quick Release luggage rack will straddle a spare tyre of up to 205 section, or larger to special order.

Polished chrome finish with all fittings made from mirror polished stainless steel.

Now also available in satin black as a limited edition, see this webpage.

Quick release stainless wing nuts enable fast access to the spare wheel if required in the event of a puncture.

Generous 620 mm by 405 mm (24" by 16") load platform area.

UK made.

NG Henley Kit Car Boot Luggage Rack

Panther Lima and Kallista

Please advise the spare tyre size when ordering for the Panther Lima or Kallista models as bespoke fittings may be required.

JBA Falcon

JBA Falcon Boot Luggage Rack
JBA Falcon Boot Luggage Rack

Marlin Roadster, Hunter and Cabriolet

Marlin Hunter Roadster Boot Luggage Rack
Marlin Hunter Roadster Boot Luggage Rack

Please remember to advise the make, model and year of your car when ordering.