Permanent Luggage Rack Ranges

Our extensive permanent range of car boot luggage racks (trunk luggage carriers) includes the Classic, the Sports, the Traditional, the Quadro, the Vogue, the reversible Monte Carlo, the Contemporary, the Quick Release, the Amalfi, the Compact and the unique Folding low level rack.

Permanent luggage racks offer the ultimate in security and are designed to be fixed to the boot lid using polished stainless steel Allen dome head security bolts and nylon locking nuts.

Either rubber sealing channels or simple flat gaskets are supplied (depending on the model) to prevent the ingress of moisture into the boot area.

The mirror polished support rails are unique to each car, so when ordering please remember to advise the make, model and year of the vehicle. The supporting rails are not usually interchangeable as the optimum mounting positions are different between car models.

Some models are also available in satin black nylon finish.

Full fitting instructions are provided.

Classic Boot Trunk Luggage Rack

The Classic is our most popular range, and the full size racks are available in 675 mm, 750 mm, 800 mm, 825 mm, 900 mm and 1000 mm widths. We also carry 675 mm, 725 mm, 750 mm and 825 mm slimline models.

Sports Boot Trunk Luggage Rack

The Sports luggage rack is popular with owners of modern convertibles such as the BMW Z3, Mazda MX5 NA and NB, Smart Roadster and the Honda S2000. Sports style luggage racks are available in widths of 825 mm and 900 mm.

MG Traditional Boot Luggage Rack

The Traditional luggage rack is produced for the MGA, MGB, MGC and MGR V8, Jaguar XKs and other classics such as the Volvo PV544.

Quick Release Boot Luggage Rack

The Quick Release luggage rack is designed to straddle the spare wheel of period and kit cars that have a externally mounted spare.

AMCO MG TD TF Luggage Rack

The Folding luggage rack is a replica of 1950s and 1960s style luggage carriers that were designed to fold down when used in service. Suitable for the MG TD and MG TF series cars and similar vehicles from the 50s era.

Quadro AMCO Boot Trunk Luggage Rack

The Quadro is a period American influenced, permanent luggage rack and is available in 600 mm, 725mm and 750 mm full widths, plus a 750 mm slimline width.

Period Reproduction Luggage Racks

OEM reproduction luggage racks, such as the ASM Style, are clones of older obsolete designs, often made in limited numbers and exclusively for a particular vehicle.

BMW Vogue Boot Luggage Rack

The Vogue luggage rack is popular with BMW Z3 and Z4 owners as a substitute for the original luggage rack. It is also sometimes used on the MGF and MGTF.

Amalfi Car Boot Trunk Luggage Rack

The Amalfi luggage racks are available to suit the Porsche Boxster and many other roadsters and convertibles with contoured boot lids.

American AMCO Boot Trunk LuggageRack

The Californian luggage rack is a heavier gauge version of our Quadro rack. To complete the period American look, it comes with 4 integrated belt loops. Quick release heavy duty webbed cargo straps (as shown) are optional equipment.

Messerschmitt KR200 & Tri Tech Autocraft Luggage Rack

Reproduction of the Messerschmitt KR 200 and Tri Tech Autocraft luggage rack.

Car Boot Trunk Luggage Rack

The Contemporary is a reversible, open upstand permanent luggage rack, suitable for the Fiat Barchetta.

The rack also lends itself for reverse mounting, with the upstand facing towards the passenger compartment.

As the actual manufacturer of the luggage racks shown on this website, we have an experienced in-house technical team who are available online to answer any questions that you may have, or to discuss any technicalities. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss any of our products. We aim to respond to emails within two business hours (UK time).